Friday, June 24, 2011

Love and respect in the family set-up

As parent, how can I respect and honour my children?
Expressing words like "sorry", please" and "thank you".  They will learn from us, set the correct example;
By listening genuinely to them when they are speaking and paying attention to what they are saying - your full attention;
Building them up by acknowledging their contributions and presence;
Spening quality time with them to build good characher - don't neglect them;
Balance your manner of communication - both have the right to participate in the multi-person unit and refrain from one way instruction situations especially with teens.

As a child, how can I honour my parents/those with authority?
Recognize their authority and their right to make rules.  I need to follow these rule because they are intended for my own good;
Talking to and of my parents in a respectful manner, spending time with them, and by having open communicating channels;
Ask their opinion.

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