Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What is the purpose of sanctification?

As a result of transgressions and sins of this world & the ruler of this world (Satan), we are disobedient to God's will.  We learn independence from God as it is a characteristic of the flesh inherited by the sin Adam and Eve committed.  The flesh has a tendency to develop a defence mechanism to help it cope, succeed and survive without God and as a result of that we fail to acknowledge Jesus as Lord. 

However, the good news is that the situation sketched above can be rectified once we realise that we need the life of Christ to change and the Holy Spirit which gives that new life.  Further to this we need to repent our sin before God.  Spiritually we are alive the moment we are born again (spiritual birth).  Our soul and spirit are then in union with God and we grow as we need life to grow and God is life. 

Our minds need to be transformed by renewing of it.  This is only possible when our lives are depending on Him.  Genuine repentance and renewing of the mind is only possible through Christ.

KINDLY NOTE:  The last publication for 2011 will be published next week and will continue again from 16/01/2012.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Asking something from God

When we ask of God to help and assist us, e.g. to receive the blessing of His Holy Spirit, He will do so in due time.  However, He won't do so for worldly things as the wordly things does not belong to His holiness.  We have to be confident that He doesn't lack performing the works of grace.  In addition to this, keep on persisting in your prayers, truely trusting and believing that He will provide what you are asking for. 

There are conditions of assurance to which we have to adhere to before He will do so.  In this weeks publication, I will duscuss only half of them and the balance is to follow next week:
  1. Become a subject of God's grace;
  2. Be partaker of God's grace;
  3. Abound more and more in love;
  4. Approve things that are excellent;
  5. Be sincere unitl the end;
  6. Be without offense till the end;
  7. Be filled with fruits of righteousness;
  8. Let your manner of life be as becometh the gospel of Christ;
  9. Stand fast in one spirit and one mind with others striving together for the gospel;
  10. Be not terrified by enemies;
  11. Suffer for His sake;
  12. Be likeminded with Christ;
  13. Have the same love;
  14. Be of good accord, of one mind with others;
  15. Let nothing be done through strife and vain glory;
  16. Esteem others better than yourself;
  17. Be interested in others;
  18. Let the mind of Christ be in you.

Monday, November 14, 2011

The believer's armor

We are warned by God in His Word to wear  His 6 fold armor:

  1. Helmet of salvation:  which is meant to protect the head;
  2. Loins girt with truth:  to brace the armor tight against the body and to support other weapons such as the sword;
  3. Breastplate of righteousness: in two parts - one to cover the breast and the other to protect the back to protect the vital organs of the body;
  4. Brazen boots : to serve as protection and cover of the feet and front of the leg and to acquire strenght of the gospel of peace;
  5. Shield of faith: to protect the body  from blows and cuts and in the warfare against evil thoughts, lusts, passions and temptation;
  6. Sword of the Spirit:  the Word to destroy the enemy and bring his surrender.  It should be quote in times of temptation which will cut in pieces the snares of evil.
Although praying is not part of the armor it is in addition to the armor and a very important part of fighting against spiritual powers of evil.  Every kind of praying:  public, church, private and family and continued incessant pleadings until the prayer is answered otherwise your prayer and Christian armor will be ineffectual.

Monday, November 7, 2011

God's love

We need to be founded in God's love for it is the soil in which we grow and have to grow and it serves as a foundation to build upon.  His love is boundless, endless, exhaustless and measureless.  It comprehends all that is above, below, past, present and future.  It reaches the infinite divinity and even the depth of sin and infamy and surpasses all knowledge and wisdom. 

His gift, Jesus Christ,  it the measure of His love and even the condescension of the  Holy Spirit to transform men and work in their lives.  Genuine love provides blessings such as:
  1. confirmation that we are of the truth;
  2. assurance of a clean heart before God;
  3. freedom from condemnation;
  4. faith and confidence in God;
  5. and answers to prayers.

He loves us because He wanted us to live and therefore imparted love to us.  He wanted us to be like Him by giving His Son and His Spirit to teach us about love and to receive Hisn sonship.  Therefore it is our duty to love and we are commanded by God to love.