Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What is the purpose of sanctification?

As a result of transgressions and sins of this world & the ruler of this world (Satan), we are disobedient to God's will.  We learn independence from God as it is a characteristic of the flesh inherited by the sin Adam and Eve committed.  The flesh has a tendency to develop a defence mechanism to help it cope, succeed and survive without God and as a result of that we fail to acknowledge Jesus as Lord. 

However, the good news is that the situation sketched above can be rectified once we realise that we need the life of Christ to change and the Holy Spirit which gives that new life.  Further to this we need to repent our sin before God.  Spiritually we are alive the moment we are born again (spiritual birth).  Our soul and spirit are then in union with God and we grow as we need life to grow and God is life. 

Our minds need to be transformed by renewing of it.  This is only possible when our lives are depending on Him.  Genuine repentance and renewing of the mind is only possible through Christ.

KINDLY NOTE:  The last publication for 2011 will be published next week and will continue again from 16/01/2012.

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