Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Asking something from God

When we ask of God to help and assist us, e.g. to receive the blessing of His Holy Spirit, He will do so in due time.  However, He won't do so for worldly things as the wordly things does not belong to His holiness.  We have to be confident that He doesn't lack performing the works of grace.  In addition to this, keep on persisting in your prayers, truely trusting and believing that He will provide what you are asking for. 

There are conditions of assurance to which we have to adhere to before He will do so.  In this weeks publication, I will duscuss only half of them and the balance is to follow next week:
  1. Become a subject of God's grace;
  2. Be partaker of God's grace;
  3. Abound more and more in love;
  4. Approve things that are excellent;
  5. Be sincere unitl the end;
  6. Be without offense till the end;
  7. Be filled with fruits of righteousness;
  8. Let your manner of life be as becometh the gospel of Christ;
  9. Stand fast in one spirit and one mind with others striving together for the gospel;
  10. Be not terrified by enemies;
  11. Suffer for His sake;
  12. Be likeminded with Christ;
  13. Have the same love;
  14. Be of good accord, of one mind with others;
  15. Let nothing be done through strife and vain glory;
  16. Esteem others better than yourself;
  17. Be interested in others;
  18. Let the mind of Christ be in you.

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