Monday, November 7, 2011

God's love

We need to be founded in God's love for it is the soil in which we grow and have to grow and it serves as a foundation to build upon.  His love is boundless, endless, exhaustless and measureless.  It comprehends all that is above, below, past, present and future.  It reaches the infinite divinity and even the depth of sin and infamy and surpasses all knowledge and wisdom. 

His gift, Jesus Christ,  it the measure of His love and even the condescension of the  Holy Spirit to transform men and work in their lives.  Genuine love provides blessings such as:
  1. confirmation that we are of the truth;
  2. assurance of a clean heart before God;
  3. freedom from condemnation;
  4. faith and confidence in God;
  5. and answers to prayers.

He loves us because He wanted us to live and therefore imparted love to us.  He wanted us to be like Him by giving His Son and His Spirit to teach us about love and to receive Hisn sonship.  Therefore it is our duty to love and we are commanded by God to love.   

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