Monday, March 26, 2012

Difficult times

Sometimes we experience very difficult times and we come to a place where we feel we want to give up.  We don't have the strength to carry on and we want to withdraw or give up on a certain situation.  It is easy to reach a breaking point as a result of a tangle of emotions that overcomes us.  If you succumb to your emotions you will surely starting to "die" slowly.  It will lead to depression - a spiral obstacle which is very difficult to overcome.  You will be fragile and this will cause you to be blind for the truth of God.  Fear causes you to be afraid.

Take some time out to rest, look after your body and your health as this is a temple of God.  Then after you have rested, choose to stand up for yourself and don't just stare at the problem.  If you can't get over it, go around it, but be sure to pass it.  God is with you to guide you, He is not finished with you.  He has a new way for you to proceed on.  People who felt like this were  Moses, Job, David, Elijah, and Jonah.  God helped them, see Him for who He is, only He can help you. 

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