Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The gift of grace and your faith

When we are blessed by God, we receive a measure of faith.  However, it is our responsibility to grow our faith and not God's.  Faith is one of the seeds of grace that should grow normally in everyone until he has a genuine work of faith with power.  You have to continue in faith to get its benefits. 

What exactly is faith then?
  • You have to place your confidence in God;
  • It's an absolute dependence upon and reliance in the Word of God and of Christ;
  • It's full surrender, yieldedness, and obedience to all known truth;
  • It's to trust an wholly and unreservedly in the faithfulness of God;

Faith found soil to grow in open and honest hearts.  When you give yourself over to and commit to a new way of life in Jesus Christ, do it with such a heart in mind.  But how should I proceed in this world to grow my faith?
  1. Be dedicated in your relationship with Christ.  Humble yourself before Him each day before you start the day by spending quiet time with Him;
  2. Abound in love.  This kind of love is spontaneous and has the following characteristics:  patience with others, kindness, generosity, humility, courtesy, unselfishness, good temper, righteousness and sincerity;
  3. This love (even for the self) is patient when it comes to trouble we experience.  Ensure to gather the truth of the Gospel (Jesus and the Word) and you will have the power of it working in our life.  As long as we believe in that truth, we won't feel defeated or lost;
  4. Be patient and abound in faith when you go through troubled times.  Persecution as the Bible refers to is troubled times and has never hurt Christ true church (us) and never will if we abound in faith.

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