Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Is tribulations worth the suffering?

Our character is being crafted by God through suffering.  A new creation in God is being created by Him.  God's intension for you is to birthed by a new spirit.  This is a guarantee of the rewards of those who endure persecution.  His judgements ae righteous and based upon the law of sowing and reaping and His Holy Spirit will bless you at a time that He has calculated for you to be blessed by His grace.  We need to be humble in the eyes of God and not rebellious as rebellious behaviour will not bring forth character nor the grace of God. 

The truth is that tribulations will never end because there are so many things God wants to teach us through them.  Rather be open to learn from your tribulations than to be rebellious which my cause you to lose hope and be depressed.  Your tribulations will not correspond with those of your friend since God's calling for you will differ from his/hers.  Try not to see it in a negative light but rather in a positive one from which there is a lesson in each one for you to learn from it.  You will be given rest from your suffering when the Messiah comes and be allowed to enter the kingdom.

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