Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Do I have to lose hope?

Sometimes when we go through difficult periods in our life, we ask:  "why me?", "why is God letting this happen?"  The answer to these questions is that we are created to honour God and not the other way around.  Whilst we go through tough times, He wants us to learn certain lessons from it.  The question should rather be:  "am I willing to learn what God wants to teach me or am I going to rebel against what is happening in my life and miss out on the lesson?"  The purpose of difficult periods in our lives is created by God to force us to leave the things of the flesh behind and rather to proceed in the things of the Spirit.  Let's see what we need to do during these difficult times:

Col. 4:2-6 (not quoted).  Be earnest towards such periods, persevere in prayer and be diligent in a continuous manner.  Pray for grace to help you to submit to the lesson which God wants you to learn and for grace to overcome this problem.  Walk in wisdom and continually give thanks to God by giving your time to Him (e.g. doing bible study on your own, even if it is 10 min.)  The seasoning used for answering others should be based in that that opposes sin and preserve from corruption thereof.

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