Monday, February 13, 2012

Are you on your way to your own funeral?

Luke 7:11 tells us the story of a widow whose son passed away and they were busy carring the courpse in a coffin to the funeral.  Jesus and His disciples were on their way to this city (Nain) and as He entered saw this sad scene.  His timing was perfect

He  was moved with pity for her and walked in the direction of the coffin.  When He was next to the coffin, He touched it and command the dead body of the boy to sit up.  The dead boy then sat up and began to talk.  He gave life in death to this boy.

After reading this, are you sure that you may not be on your way to your own funeral? Being in bitterness, be hateful towards others, be angry at someone, unforgiving towards someone, maybe you are engaged in a relationship which is wrong in the eyes of God, maybe lust or dissipation, always seek the acceptance of men instead of God, or maybe you value your possessions and money more than God.  I want to tell you that it is never too late, His heart is crying for you and He want to tell you to stop now and make the correct choice.  Leave behind whatever it is that you are busy with, renounce your sins and be free in Him.  Can you see that you are already in that coffin, Jesus is telling you to get up and to live.  It is never too late, His timing is always perfect. 

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