Monday, October 17, 2011

Choices regarding our body, soul and mind

Through God's tender compassion for you, He has presented you with a holy tabernacle.  We have to look after this holy tabernacle of His that temporarily dwells the earth.  This holy tabernacle is a living sacrifice which has to be holy and acceptable to Him.  Worship is performed in the totality of our being - the body, soul and mind - to bring honour to Him.  Therefore, we need to look well after and care for our body, soul (spirit) and mind (thoughts and emotions).  Sometimes we are drowned by our hectic lifestyles, neglecting to look after these or we might even think more highly of ourselves than we ought to think, professing ourselves to be wise.  By doing this, we became fools and changed the image that God intended.

We need to be glued to the good and beware of the thinks that causes harm to the body, soul and mind.  The choice not to do so will lead to dishonouring of the body (homosexuality, sexual perversion, cause illness), will cause vile affections in the soul (unrighteousness, unlawful sex, wicked acting of the evil nature, intense lust for gain, vicious disposition and desires, suffer in pain, murder, to cause strife and discord, lying or falsity, ascribing to the best deeds the worst motives, gossiping, evil speakers, atheists, being hateful, arrogance, improvising wickedness, rebellion,  stubbornness, not dependable, filled with desire for unnatural affections towards others, without libation, unforgiving) and will lead to a reprobate mind (rejection of God, others or oneself).  God provided us with:
  1. choices:  to choose to do right or wrong (and to life with the consequences of not doing right); and
  2. armed us with the ability to be able to make a choice.

Does your choice now include that which is good to the body, soul and mind?

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