Monday, June 4, 2012

Taking ownership of your life

Sometimes we find ourselves in the midst of fog.  This fog at times, becomes so thick that we can't even think or see clearly what is ahead of us.  We become an observer of our own life instead of living it.  The fog includes man infused fear, obligations to others and guilt.  To this we add negative perceptions as we experienced it.  We shift into a mode of "I want" and the spiral of this experience sucks you in.  You choose to stay in your cocoon:  your comfort zone and are too scared to take a step outside of it.

Break open this cocoon of yours, reform your thoughts in order to transform and conform to the new.  Give structure to your life or what you want to be.  Add positive experiences to your thoughts, climb out of your head and into your spirit which connect to the Holy Spirit.  Stop the worrying and be silent for a moment or two before God and let God be the one who transform you to conform to the new.  Shift your mode to "I am".  I am a child of God who cares for me and loves me dearly.  Your "I am" can be anything you want it to be, but in a positive mindset.

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